Lock Technology Easy Access Lock Out Tool Set with Air Wedge Kit 140

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LOCK TECHNOLOGY - LTI140 - 2 Piece Inflate-A-Wedge Easy Access Kit

Features and Benefits:

The LT140 is a 2 piece Easy Access Tool that collapses for easy storage. It is 53″ long with a rigid design for easy through the window reach. The LT135-3B now has whale tail tip design tips for more working tip on lock surfaces. Use with or without the vinyl tips. Green in color. Comes in a heavy duty vinyl bag. This kit also includes Plastic Slip Jim (LT-100), two Plastic Door Wedges (LT271), and Inflate-A-WedgeTM (LT275).

Includes Components:

LT135-3A 27 1/2″ Rod with Handle 1
LT135-3B 28 1/2″ Tip Rod 1
LT-100 Plastic Slip Jim 1
LT271 Plastic Door Wedge 2
LT275 Inflate-A-WedgeTM 1
LT146-TIP LT146 Tip 1
LT135CASE Case for LT135 and LT140 1

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