Steck Manufacturing Classic Big Easy Lockout Tool 32910

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STECK MANUFACTURING - STC32910 - Classic BIG EASY Lockout Tool

Features and Benefits:

  • Rod is made from quarter inch steel, which is pliable enough to form to different angles, yet carries enough strength to allow the tool’s user to manipulate a locking mechanism
  • When used with BigEasy wedges the Big Easy rod is different from other lock out kits because it allows you to unlock the vehicle from inside the car, rather than other traditional tools that unlock from inside the door
  • Rod is powdercoated high visibility pink and can easily be seen in any type of weather
  • 55 inches long

To use the Big Easy, first employ the non-marring plastic wedge and/or the inflatable Easy Wedge to pry the door open just enough to insert the Big Easy tool itself. Before inserting the Big Easy, slide the tool into the Paint Protector slot so that the Big Easy does not touch the paint on the door or the jamb. Slide the Big Easy tool into the opening and you are able to slide the lock button, operate the electric lock or pull the door handle.

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