Steck Manufacturing Inflatable Easy Wedge Lockout Tool Accessory 32922

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STECK MANUFACTURING - STC32922 - Easy Wedge Lockout Tool Accessory

Features and Benefits:

  • Accessory piece for the BigEasy Lockout Tool
  • Controls opening of the car door
  • Easy Wedge with its' pump handle is only 2mm think when deflated and is easily pushed in between the window and weather stripping wihtout scratching the paint
  • It is made of durable materials and is able to create a strong pressure up to 100kg on its surroundings
  • Contains sheet of flexible plastic inside the Easy Wedge air bag to provide a firmer product


Most popular wedge used with the BigEasy unlocking kits to open locked car doors quickly and without damage.  The inflatable wedge easily adjusts to the thickness of the opening required to slip the BigEasy into the car for hands free access to the lock and is easily deflated by pushing the release button at the bottom of the bulb.  It can be used independently or with the non-marring plastic wedge.

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