Steck Manufacturing Big Easy Glow Lock Out Tool and Case 32955DLX

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STECK MANUFACTURING - STC32955DLX - Big Easy Glow Lock Out Tool & Case

Features and Benefits:

    • Glow in the dark yellow allows you to see the tool at night or through tinted windows
    • Tool is 55" long to reach just about any door lock
    • Easy wedge offers controlled opening of the car door for inserting the Big Easy Glo
    • Lock knob lifter lifts traditional & late model knobs at the top of the door
    • Paint protector decreases friction between door and BigEasy unit

Steck is happy to supply you with our BigEasy 32955DLX kit. This kit contains the popular 32955 'glo' BigEasy with our inflatable Easy Wedge along with our 32935 BigEasy Carrying Case. The Carrying case allows the customer to hold all the wedges. Paint Protector and BigEasy in one convenient easy to open case eliminating the current problem of trying to locate the various pieces of the kit in their truck. Each kit consists of the 'Glo' Big Easy tool with a 'glo' tip, non-marring wedge, lock knob lifter, paint protector, the popular inflatable Easy Wedge and the Carrying Case.

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