Steck Manufacturing The Big Easy Classic Lockout Tool Kit 32900

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STECK MANUFACTURING - STC32900 - The Big Easy Classic Lockout Tool Kit

Features and Benefits:

    • High visibility pink powder coating, 55 in. long
    • Improved non-marring wedge, now it's wider, longer and smoother
    • Lock knob lifter for cars with flat lock knobs at the top of the door
    • Paint protector reduces friction between the car door and the BigEasy
    • Kit includes: BigEasy Classic, paint protector, lock knob lifter and non-marring wedge

BigEasy Classic lockout tool kit is designed to not endanger airbag activation or disconnected door linkages. The 55 in. long handle comes with a pink powder coating finish for better visibility. The improved non-marring wedge is now wider, longer and smoother. Also includes lock knob lifter for cars with flat lock knobs at the top of the door.Kit enables you to actuate the door handle, manual lock button or electric lock Smooth, plastic wedge insert is safe, no risk of damage to the door or weather stripping Kit includes BigEasy Classic, Non-marring wedge, paint protector and lock knob lifter Complete lockout tool kit.

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