Access Tools Master Technician Car Opening Set Lock Out Tool Kit MTCOS

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Features and Benefits:

    • Created specifically for the mechanic shop
    • Top brand used by police, fire department, locksmiths, towers and more
    • Heavy duty carrying case included
    • Comes with 2 long reach tools and Access Smart Light
    • Includes car opening quick manual and link to instructional video

The Master Technician Car Opening Set was developed with the mechanic shop in mind. This 9-piece kit includes the most important tools shops typically need top quickly open locked out vehicles without any damage.

Included in this set is the patent pending One Hand Jack and the Air Jack air wedge. With these two tools in hand, plus the also included Snap-N-Lock Long Reach, no car will stay locked for long.

Accompanying this set is a Quick Long Reach Manual and a link to instructional videos (with an option to mail in for a physical DVD). The set also comes with an Access Smart Light for low-light openings, and a carrying case for easy storage.

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